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Who Do Homophobes Hate More Than They Hate Gay People

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Me thats who.

If you’re the kind of person who uses the term ‘kind of person’ then you probably hate me as well. If my sense of humor intimidates you like it does, so much so that you would be super easy to bait into wanting or trying to intimidate me with ‘ya well maybe I should just kick your ass, how would you like that’?

Well, I might say, thank you for considering my feelings in your process on how to deal with the quagmire of who knows what is going on inside your head, ever, but I am certain that I would not like that. At all.

You hate me cause i say stuff like ‘you know that you hating gay people is just you hating yourself for being gay but not daring to really be gay. But, and speaking buts, when you imagine yourself having gay sex i bet that loop of confusion is as comforting as scratching a black board with long nails or what we feel when a roadie plugs the amps in wrong at a Megadeath concert. So ya I´d be angry and abusive to others too if my spirit was so lost inside me it just had given up and curled up into a fetal ball somewhere in my darkness.

Does the word transgender fuck you up. Well it does me. So now we are the same kind of people. Accept that I can go talk to my transgender friends and say, hey, this whole you cutting your junk off, it kinda freaks me out. And they laugh and say, ya well trying wearing a thong all day with your junk there, and see how long you want to wait to transition. You don´t have Transgender friends so its a hard road going it alone, unless you find other Transgender haters. Then you can make up jokes and stuff. And hold hands.

That reminds me. This is just math so don´t be going, why so negative. Because sometimes the facts and the truth are gnarly and negative sounding. Last year no Transgender people shot, strangled, burned to death, murdered any straight people. But last year 341 Transgender people had that done to them by straight people. Is that kinda weird. Because you might think that some of these Transgender people aren´t going to take it much longer.

I met a Transgender woman from Sinoloa at a cantina who was 6foot 3 inches tall solid as an oak, well, a sexy oak I might add, and when she said come dance with me, I didn´t have much room to say no, which I wanted to say no for real . Not because she was Transgender but because I´m so terrible at dancing. She let me sit down after one song.

How many kinds of people are there anyways. Woke and not woke, or unwoked, are their sub categories, like woke fat people, woke skinny people. If you’re a white woke person, are you allowed to hang out with black wokes.

Black wokes matter. Im the kind of person who irritates you. Cause I have a tshirt that says born woke. My mom just called them manners, to not degrade people, or slander their spirits, or make them feel small, or call them names that you know might hurt them, or bully them in anyway. My mom was all over that.

I digress because i get hate mail now. So haters hate me. Its weird but if youre a hater then im the kind of person who you will hate

Im not gay but twice in hate mail ive got, I’ve been called A FAGGOT in upper casing, actually it said, ´rot in hell you FUCKING FAGGOT´. Exactly like that. The other one just said ‘so happy you’ve come out of the closet’. Tiny bit passive aggressive.

Both were regarding my inability to hate gay people cause they are gay. I do think i could hate gay people who torture dogs though. And for the record, If I was gay id probably do it in the closet. I say that because im straight and I would or could see myself doing it in the closet now, a lot for some reason, fantasy wise. I feel so liberated now that i just said that.

Which brings me back to this. Does this website make you want to hurt someone, not that you would but can you feel it, that fucking feeling again that makes you hate people.

Well if so then you’re the kind of person that, as we come full circle, probably hates me, and more now than ever.

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