• Jeth Weinrich


Hey stupid people. What is life really about. Do you think God would refer to us as his stupid little brilliant works of endless possibilities. You know what i think when someone says, with such authority, like their opinion actually matters, when they say, there is no God, I don´t believe in any God, and people are just stupid who do. There. How long did it take for me to say that.

How truly important am I that i said that. Now skip this linear thread for a second literally, stretch it out to a thousand years, expand it in every direction for what is a trillion years, now bring it all back in but in a trillionth of a second. There. You know that was, thats God fucking with you for being so stupid, and yet, even though your stupidity is part of the grand stupidity that creates evil, that allows children to suffer at the hands of sewage like people, that allows people who have tons of money to feel like they are God, the miracle is that God still loves you, and is the love you could have and do have in you, but until you have the courage to open up your heart to what that is, well we are just stupid all of us.

If we think anything else matters. Because nothing can sustain the truth and the power of creation and God help us for what we are about to endure, that we are the collective stupid selfish architects of. And that is why I won´t unsubscribe you, because I embrace that in the spirit of E equals M C squared, I am just as stupid, and as beautiful, and as dark and evil, and as full of potential to be great, in my undeniable energy that love is, as you.

And so we are stuck with each other whether we like it or not, black person, white person, BLM white person afraid of black people, yellow people, red people, and speaking of, a great Souix Chief said this, There is only one thing that all men and women, and children, I paraphrase, share equally, and that is our aloneness. No matter how much money, how important you allow your chemistry in your very fleeting living mass of grey matter in your head tells you, you are still all alone, right now, no matter who you think you are, and a thousand years from now for anyone who was around that far back ago, they will tell you that a thousand years went by in a New York second. Time doesn´t really exist homie. So let´s share our aloneness together to create a better world so that in our flash of a flash of the space lightening takes up, we can lessen the suffering of someone else besides ourselves stuck in our alone ness. Because that is all that will ever matter

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