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want a good world where people who earn a place, who work hard at becoming doctors or scientists, and leaders too, we so want them to be honest and ethical and like we were told they were in those elementary school short films that were in black and white in more ways than one.

Instead now I see people all the time totally surrendering to the deceitfulness and have stopped caring about any of it. There are truths out there being manipulated or kept secret from us, but instead of really wanting to know, they just force the round peg through the square hole because they really cannot handle the truth that they trusted people that maybe they should not have.

So todays news is that Pfizer, and Im not sure how people will feel about this, Im not sure I really care either way, but fetal cells were used in the development of their vaccine. And they didn´t just hide the info they just blatantly lied about it.

Trust is a two way street. And they cant be wondering why a good amount of the population don´t want to be forced into being vaccinated because they don´t or can´t trust the people making the vaccines, and this is a huge reason why. When a small number of people in a population decide that they know what´s best for the rest of the population, and lying is at the center of their strategy, justifying their lies because its for our own good, because we can´t handle the truth, thats what will end us as a society long before a virus ever will. We all fall into it, that mentality, I didn´t tell you I had an affair with your sister because I didn´t want you to hate your sister. Only after my gf breaks up with me and throws my suitcase out the window fourteen stories up, do I actually realize I was totally wrong, she will never hate her sister, she just hates me now forever.

No matter what the soviets and Red China have going on with their plans to destroy us, and then this idea of outlawing freedom and taking it from everyone, there´s a very real holy spirit that we connect to far more deeply than many of us realize or want to realize that cannot be kept unfree and defends us in way deeper ways than our physical life can understand. it´s just built into us, deeply welded woven into our beings, our built in spiritual potential that if you embrace it for real, if you really take the time to recognize it and even more recognize how powerful it is, because there is evidence of it everywhere. When you feel like giving up but you just cant so you keep going, thats you listening to your faith to keep on trying when there´s no common sense that says you should, That´s you talking to God. it isn´t just always around us and in us, it is us, it is the deepest part of us in our most true understanding of this life and our place with each other in it. It is what burns at our core.

No one can imprison our spirit, so no matter what our physical selves are being put through, tortured, thrown in jail whatever, you cannot imprison God. So that´s my go to place to make decisions, like conscious thinkers do. To be free spiritually speaking. it is in every action we take and the more we trust it the more it leads us not into temptation and the more it delivers us from evil, and towards us taking responsibility for our own actions, and ultimately in under standing what people mean when the say they have a personal relationship with God, or Jesus.

We still have so much to be grateful for I´m totally grateful for the reality that I still live with the opportunity to be a free thinking person, to explore my free expression of what I think if I choose, and i have the god given freedom to claim the responsibility to decide if I´m going to get vaccinated or not.

Im hoping that people like fauci will see the patterns out there of how the law of cause and effect works, that every lie sooner later comes home for dinner and you will have to eat it. and so just surrender to that one truth for sure, Fauci should not be allowed to to manage how we think and how he thinks we will react if we are told the truth.

If the vaccine really was rolled out in a world of truthful things, and everything wasn´t so sketchy and if there were no stories of people losing their lives because of the vaccine, and the pandemic was really as aggressive and relentless in attacking and killing everyone as a few of us say, and it was do or die for real, I´d likely take the vaccine even knowing what is in it, as in however it works, cells from unborn babies.

To me it´s not the reality of fetal cells and their part in this, it´s that this is absolutely evidence the people we swore in to so help them God, tell us the truth, jst aren´t

These people are dangerously drunk on their power now and so they think they are not just saving us from corona V but also they will save us from ourselves apparently. be careful of all the information out there. And today anyway, don´t worry, be happy .

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