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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Do you believe you transcend the stupidity out there.

It´s hard because you have to be very conscious of why you say anything, why you feel what you feel and then don´t just deliver to the world something based on your feelings if what you are going to say has no purpose accept to feed your little beast inside.

I get people asking me lately, not too many, but a few, to unsubscribe them from my email campaigns. They do not want to receive what i thought were well written and even entertaining, facetious often, ways to see things from where I´m standing, especially.

I think the emails are unique narratives but pretty straight up in my defense of why I would be creating this TRANS project. I´ve never been called to defend myself over a project ever by the way. I believe that the TRANS project represents a noble conscious pursuit to bring some different perspective and light to a subject that has enough people unhinged over it that people are getting murdered because of it.

Some people don´t see my effort here as maybe helpful. Hence the hate mail. twice.

Mostly people are passive aggressive and don´t want to outright commit to hating Transgender people, but I was surprised just how violent a response I got from one person in particular.

The word Transgender can bring out the worst in people who aren´t. Some base their hate on their religious faith. Like they´ve been called to defend God´s position on the whole subject old testament style, Jesus please go sit over there, this one´s old school and not in your jurisdiction. Because I do not believe that the new testament ever really goes off about the LGBTQ community. Hate me if I´m wrong.

Other people it´s just a chemical aggravated assault on their whole sensibility as a person, although they couldn´t tell you why. Those people I hear from in the form of cordial emails. Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list I do not want any more emails on the subject of your film.

Even my ex agent. who sucked as an agent, sent me a flippant request to not send him emails anymore.

I dont really care about transgenders or transvestites or whatevers, just unsubscribe me. And if I were you I´d stick to that cowboy movie you were gonna do. He actually said that. I grew up about six miles from where they filmed Brokeback Mountain by the way. Like literally. Not sure if that´s relevant or not.

I was kinda curious though, like what did he mean Transvestites, Transgenders, like whatever, like anything Trans was blasphemous to the very core of his Jewish faith, and his rabbi told him so. I am certain there are no Transgender Rabbi´s. Also, If Mylie could do a root canal would she be transcendental. Sorry, I Transgress.

There´s an ocean of difference between Transvestites and Transgenders for the record, accept for the Trans part in the name. But Haters don´t care about things like information or facts, because that stuff just gets in the way of their hating. And don´t try to come between a hater and their hate. They will hate you for it.

But for the record, a Transvestite, is just a guy, gay or straight, doesn't matter, but a man who really loves to dress up like a woman sometimes, or once a week, like on Friday nights and they might even do a lady gaga tribute show, as lady gaga, and look and sing so much like Lady Gaga that you´d think L.G. might hire the guy to go on tour just to be an understudy.

But monday he´s back at walmart packing boxes looking nothing like a girl or dressing like one, and certainly not as Lady Gaga, he still might be as effeminate and lovely in every way working there at walmart, but he´s still a guy, so gay or straight or bi or however many pronouns there are, but he is not transgender.

Being transgender, forgive me for digging in here, and kill me if I´m wrong, but imagine that tomorrow you wake up and you are still you but you are now in a woman's body, or a mans body if you are a woman, and you're like wtf and you tell people, everyone as a matter of fact, hey I´m a guy, (or I´m a girl), but, for real, no I´m a guy really, I don´t know how this happened, please, you have to believe me, I´m not a woman, I´m a man, but no one really cares and really just want you to shutup...

only thats been you since you were old enough to remember having memories.

Mylie was never like a guy ever. she didn't even know she wasn't´t a girl until she was five and then was like, fuck, you mean other girls don´t have this stupid thing between their legs. You´ll get to know all about these things with Mylie as we get ready to create a ten minute film called ´THIS IS MYLIE GARCIA´.

For me the only issue is, I think it´s super not cool to be burned to death because you´re Transgender, thats fucking nazi psycho bullshit. And that is another reality that Mylie faces that most of us thankfully never have to. Because last year no Transgender people killed any straight people but straight people burned to death, shot, strangled, drowned even, 341 Transgender people. Thats just a fact.

This project we are doing is not at its core about being Transgender though. It´s not a coming of age Transgender story. It´s not a story about any of the terrible murders. It is about a guy who falls in love with a Transgender girl who does not think of himself as gay. And it is about a deported kid from Arizona who is Transgender who falls in love with a straight ex gang member from Compton. To Mylie Johnny was straight.

Which for me was lots of fun times being the obnoxious friend who says, ya but Johnny, Mylie is technically a guy though right, so that kinda means you´re sorta gay right, I mean technically.

Only because Johnny laughed every time I said that was I encouraged to keep up with schtick. But it does create for some interesting theme work in our projects. Because Johnny wasn´t the only guy I know who had a thing for Mylie or Ashley her on again off again best friend. Ashley is stunning by the way. Ashley is the most beautiful girl that´s a guy that´s a girl that I´ve ever met. And see a paragraph wrought with issues. That is why our project is so noble a gesture. We are not bashful about portraying the subject and the issues within it just straight on.

And that´s why our project has such potential to tear down walls and barriers of confusion, and create some connections based on common goodness and humor, because that´s one thing I learned about the Transgender girls I´ve met, and that´s how Mylie and Ashley survive most often, and that´s on their sense of humor. I´ve never met any people who face such lousy reality every day all day long and laugh as much as Ashley and Mylie.

So TRANS is the story of a community of a certain kind of people, artful dodgers, milandros, street people, drug dealers, men sneaking out on their wives for the night, mafia bosses, and police who could care less if Mylie existed at all. It´s about deported American Mexicans, some who are bad ass dudes you wouldn´t want to cross and others just kids who were standing on the wrong corner during Trump´s clean up, but because Mylie is Transgender we can´t help but begin to learn a few things about Mylie´s Transgender life, her struggles, fears, regrets, hopes, heartbreak, as a girl who´s a dude, who´s a girl, as Mylie says.

Anyway, at the center of our story is a love story, or co dependent hate story, or the strangest beautiful friendship story you´ll ever hear.

TRANS is about two young people who were as American as anyone who was born in America, as anyone is who grew up there from a baby, growing, becoming adapting, having peers and going to school, and being challenged by the American way, through every influence that the American experience has on a person to help form their mannerisms, their accents, the way they talk, walk, dance, and understand the idea of freedom because they have lived the kind of freedom that only an American can know. (let´s not debate that right now please), anyway , and then at age 18 they are just plucked off the street or in Johnnys case plucked out of prison and sent across the Mexican border with not much more than a good luck to ya good bye.

So you are deported from the country that you are a product of, and sent to a country you were born but where you are not welcome, because the Mexican Mexicans are kinda prejudice or racist or something towards you. It´s like ya, you were born here but your mom decided Mexico wasn´t good enough for you and brought you to America illegally. And you got caught. And you don´t even speak spanish.

They look at the deported American Mexicans like they were abducted by Aliens when they were children, taken to some other planet, probed and probed and then as adults are just dropped back into Mexico, and they have to figure it out.

Most of the deported American Mexicans have done tons of prison time, so they don´t have real strong social skills either. So they are outcast and never really given a chance. Hotels don´t want them working there with prison tattoos and that look you get having to survive that kind of reality.

There´s a word called Milandro, thats what the Mexicans call them, so these new Mexican milandros, with limited opportunity, almost never being given a fair chance at anything, they are perfect to get recruited to work with the mafia. That´s what Johnny did mostly, even though in the short time he did work with me, he showed an almost savant like talent as an editor. In all my years as a filmmaker I never saw anyone just pick up the technical and the creative challenges of editing and just start editing like there are no challenges.

It´s like if I handed him a guitar and he just started playing riffs like he was the second coming of Carlos Santana. But that call to a higher boss, it was just too alluring to his spirit and it was impossible to compete with that.

And so Johnny and Mylie met each other somehow and they fell for each other and through the worst of times tried to help each other survive.. Even johnny said, when he came to me to explain, he said, dude, don´t ask, I cannot explain it, so don´t even ask, but Mylie´s my girlfriend, and theres a story here´.

It´s just the most heartbreaking of things for me that Johnny won´t be a part of what we are attempting to do.

So now its almost a year since johnny was murdered and 18 months since we first tried to get this going And if you are reading this then there´s a live Kickstarter campaign hoping you come check it out. And so I say, fuck it, I´m not one to back down because some bully sent me a message calling me a ´mother fucking FAGGOT´, ya, they used upper casing.

And I´m gonna be me and express whatever I feel about this journey, even if it makes me unwoke sounding or whatever. But for sure I´m one super hetro straight guy who really never thought either way about what Transgender was, because, well, why would I have, but now I do, and I have a couple of friends, especially Ashley who i have known alot longer than Mylie, who i really have come to like having as a friend, as best we can be friends because Ashley can´t understand a word of my spanish even though I think my spanish is pinche muy padre. gracias.

So onward I go. We walk to the light in Johnathon´s memory, and haters beware. We are a totally no Hater Zone.

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